Open for Business

Aug 16th

With a huge batch of jams under our belt (check our Facebook and Instagram for progress posts on that sort of thing), Ashley and I feel like it’s time to bust the doors open on this thing. The shop is now open and accepting orders.

This jam and jelly establishment is operating under the purview of the Texas Cottage Food Law which means, in short, that we can sell food we make in our home, but we can’t ship it. So that means local sales in Houston, TX either out of our home or at farmers’ markets. You can use this website to place your order, and then we complete the transaction in person. It’s rough, but them’s the breaks.

Once you place your order, we’ll be in touch with you about how you’d like to get your order fulfilled.

This first little bit might be bumpy, but if you hang on, it’ll be worth it. We promise!