It’s Never Too Late for Holiday Orders

Dec 17th

Guys, we’ve been making jelly and jam like whoa over here! It’s not/almost never too late to place a holiday order. So far, we have made orders for:

  • a take home gift at a wedding shower
  • a take home gift for holiday parties.
  • gifts for loyal clients of a small business
  • for family and friends to give to their neighbors as a sweet treat
  • an awesome gift for family and friends

One great way to make this happen is with our Jammer’s Dozen. It is 12 8 ounce jars for $98, which saves you a buck a jar (also comes as a Jammer’s Dozen Mini [Warning: these little guys are stupid cute] with 12 4 ounce jars).

We are fully prepared to make all of your wildest jelly and jam dreams come true. ‪#‎srirachapocalypse‬ jelly, anyone? Let us know how we can help you give an awesome and unique gift this year!